The History of Project View

Project View was founded in 1995 in Bakersfield, California, to provide commercial, industrial, and professional organizations with project management services. The objective was to assist organizations in meeting their project objectives using plan development, tracking and execution tools. The business is a state and federal certified disadvantaged minority business and the owner is a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute (PMI).  Additionally, we strive to maintain the majority of our staff equally trained.   

Since inception, it has been difficult to market this service because it is not recognized for the value it adds.  Traditionally, project managers and project execution tools are internal to a client's organization (decimated in today's business environment) and the need to outsource this service appears unjustifiable.  Clients prefer to assign this service primarily to their own resources or to the engineering or construction contractors associated with the project, where the majority of the funding resource is expended.  This tends to minimize the significance of project management and jeopardizes achievable project successes due to the overshadowing magnitude of the engineering and construction scopes of work.  It has been our experience that most projects are less successful because the staff is over-committed and lack specific experience and training.  It is our core belief that the incremental costs for a third party independence is highly justified.

In 2005, Project View prepared a Business Improvement Plan which resulted in company growth.  We continue to strive for excellence in our field of expertise by using continuous improvement methods and automation.  Our business plan is nearly complete and a new plan will be developed late 2010, focused and highly motivated to add you to our list of satisfied clients.  Our Qualification Statement is available upon request.